Parent Information

  • Delayed Milestones
    Milestones are stages of expected physical and mental development of a child at a particular age eg. a child learns to sit by the time he is seven months old.
  • Inappropriate Responses
    Reactions, which are not right in a particular situation eg a hearing impaired child, will not be affected by loud noise of crackers.
  • Maladaptive behavior
    Behavior which is detrimental to the wellbeing of a child
    e.g. a child engages in physically harmful, dangerous activities not for the sake of fun or thrill of it, but he has no consideration for the possible consequences.

A special child cannot learn all the things what other children can do. But with the help of family members, teachers he can participate in most of the activities. Training is very essential for making the child become part of any regular social activity or learning Activities of Daily Life (ADL) and be integrated in the society.

Guidelines for Parents and Caregivers

  • A child with disability may not be well accepted in the outside world. The main reason being lack of awareness. Make other people understand the disability, let them empathize with the child and help you in the training process.
  • Do not shield the special child from the outside world instead expose him to various experiences, give him the opportunity to do the things what other children of his age do.
  • Be patient, give some extra time every day to learn his ways of communication
  • Motivate him to do the Activities of Daily Life (ADL). Explain the importance of learning ADL which will lead to his independence and being self-sufficient.
  • Observe the child's Peak and Weak hours. Do not start difficult activities in his weak hours.
  • After every activity big or small praise him discretely (Praise should not lose its value)
  • Hug him, make him feel wanted despite failing
  • Set aside a particular time for training.
  • Make innovations, modifications in the teaching methods.

Remember it is you, who can make them independent.