Adjunct Therapy

1) Thera togs

It’s a living orthotic system in form of garments and strapping. With thera togs we can realigned the deviated atypical postures so that children with musculoskeletal and neuromotor disorder can use their energy efficiently.
How thera togs helps?

  • With its Compressive quality it helps in postural support and increases body awareness.
  • With its strapping system it Resist undesirable movt pattern and assist desirable movt pattern.
  • While improving resting alignment, it improves quality of movement kinesiologically and developmentally.
  • Prolonged period of improved alignment and movement promotes normalizing changes in

Underlying muscle length through physiologic adaptation.

Dr mona Patel is train under founder of thera togs Beverllycusick for its application and operation.

2) SPIO (Stabilising Presurre Input Orthosis)

This is also a kind of compression garment . It work on deep pressure principle. Which helps to improve posture and it give control too.
SPIO helps in

  • Reducing  hypertonia.
  • Gives dynamic stability/balance.
  • Helps in improving Movement Control.
  • Gives Postural and muscle readiness which help to increase awareness of children’s own body who all have body awareness issue.

Dr tejas Patel and Dr Mona Patel are trained under founder of SPIO Nancy Hylton PT, for its application and operation.

3) Kinesio Tapping

  • Kinesio tap is vertically stretchable skin friendly elastic tap. It is used in aligning the deviated joints (segments), enhancement of muscle function, inhibition of over use of muscle, and for stabilization of joints.
  • Drmona and drtejas are trained in its application and functional use of it.

4) Body Support Treadmill System

  • SPARSH have paediatricconfigured body support Treadmill system which helps in gait training. System includes suspended harness with the help of it patients can be hold inside the treadmill and support for walking. The amount of weight bearing can is adjustable.

5) Electrical Stimulation

  • Kids who are having brachial plexus palsy, myopathy, muscular dystrophy, and immediate post-operative condition to maintain the properties of muscles, to reduce the pain electrical stimulation is very helpful.