Home visit / Home Programme / School visit



‘Home is where the heart is'
Our team visits the home of children and families they are working with, to be able to gain insight into what their immediate and natural environment is like. This enables the professional to plan the intervention programme according to the needs and facilities of the families, keeping in mind practical issues that may affect carrying out the prescribed home programme by the family.

We also provide suggestions on alternatives for therapy material and expensive toys/activities that the child may only use for a short period. Home visits provide an opportunity for professionals to meet extended family and encourage them to contribute to the whole process.

Weprovides therapy at home to special need children, especially post operatively, post botox during plaster cast and severely involved children.


Beyond the early developmental milestones, school systems provide children with the stimuli necessary for further development in the areas of motor, cognitive, speech-language, sensory and social-emotional skills. Our team SPARSH, with its motto of providing support for children in their natural environment, also works closely with schools. We ensure that any intervention programme is within the context of any typical educational environment.
Therapists help teachers identify sensitive issues that may affect the course of intervention such as overlooking some deficit areas observed in the clinical
Therapists spend time with the teachers to draw out assessment procedures for children who are not functioning within the school curriculum and possibly have specific needs. In this case, instead of giving the children a task and measuring how well they do or how badly they fail, teachers are encouraged to observe how much and what kind of help they need in order to complete the task successfully. In this approach, the child is not assessed alone. Rather, the social system of the school and child is dynamically assessed to determine how far along these children have progressed.
Therapists also sit with the respective teachers and school personnel to discuss what are the changes practically possible within the child's learning environment to enhance maximum productivity and benefit for the child. Parents are included in decision-making and invited to contribute the same.


Parents/Care taker play a primary role in the upbringing, protection and development of their children, and hence empowering them to be actively involved in the process is one of our prime focuses.We make sure that every child who comes to us will have some home based activity to do for better functional carry over. For that if necessary we train parent or caregiver for carrying out certain activities.

  • Training and enhancing parent’s skill to effective for home based exercise / therapy programme.
  • On request based and in special case we also make therapy plan video for distance patient also train their home town therapist.
  • Parent-child interaction where parents are trained to observe, understand their atypical postures and rout of its progression and communicate effectively with their therapist and physicians.
  • Enhancing their skills to be effective partners in the child's developmental process.
  • Making changes on the home front and designing cost-effective resources to suit their child's needs.
  • Stress management and recreational ideas to help parents cope with their challenging life.
  • Parent support groups are organized in regular intervals to help parents share challenges and emotions.